Terralization modpack - The Great Schism
This is the FAQ site, here will you find answers to normal problems,
if your problem can't be answerd here, post the problem on the forum
The game crashed
Go to the forum and post the crashlog
The game is laggy
1. Check your quipment 2. Optimize optifine 3. Give the game more ram
I can't fin the game in the technic laucher
Sometimes you must run technic laucher as adminstrator, if this is the problem there will be a red offline tab where solder og server verisions tabs are.
The run as vanilla
1. Techic launcher thinks it downloaded the game. Best sulotion is to redownload the game
Server #1 is down
Either it's under updating or a problem occured, problems is fixed within a hour
Server #2 is down
It's not even up yet
The game won't start or something
There are many reasons; like the techniclaucher is offline, but we recomend you to use Java 7 or newer, 6 does work but for better performance and stability use 8.
1. You firewall block the game 2. The game has a bug 3. The server is down 4.The router block the game
The last three are unlikely to happen
Can my computer run the game if i have lower than the minium specs